Wet Batch Immersion for MEMS Technology

While MEMS devices utilize many of the same microfabrication processes as other analog IC devices, they also demand their own distinctive process requirements. Akrion Technologies has been providing wet immersion process solutions for MEMS-specific processes for almost two decades beginning with alkaline etching of silicon in crystallographic directions for the fabrication of inkjet printer heads. Our focus has been the development of etch process solutions that complement some of the inherent weakness of dry plasma etching such as bulk micromachining, vacuum priming and vacuum drying for cleaning high aspect ratio features. Our unique process solutions reduce process costs by increasing both yield and wafer throughput. Our MEMS batch immersion equipment portfolio includes the customizable GAMA (fully automated) and V3 (semi-automated) products with unique tank designs & in-situ process controls that can be adapted for either silicon or glass substrates.

Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) are micro sensors or actuators that enable digital and analog microelectronics to interface with the outside world in a wide variety of applications. The most prevalent applications include smart devices, display technologies, gaming systems, fitness wearables, medical and scientific instruments, accelerometers for automobile airbags, tire sensor pressures and ink jet print heads.


GAMA Batch Immersion System

The GAMA Series automated wet station is a flexible, modular system suitable for a wide variety of cleaning, etching and stripping applications for bare & reclaimed silicon wafers, IC devices, MEMS and photomasks.

V3 Compact Batch Immersion System

V3 Compact Batch Immersion System offering either dry-to-dry or dry-to-wet processing with low exhaust requirements, few facility connections and easy maintenance access, while maintaining as much as a 20 percent footprint reduction over comparable tool sets. The V3 robot is designed to accommodate 150 mm or 200 mm wafers in standard cassettes for IC devices; alternate cassettes allow other materials to be processed using the standard robot arm. Suitable for R&D labs and applications.