Wet Batch Wet Immersion for R&D

Akrion Technologies’ portfolio of batch immersion tools provides leading edge process capabilities in a modular, expandable and retrofittable platforms – the fully automated GAMA and the semi-automated V3 wet station. These products offer a wide variety of in-situ process monitoring/control and the GAMA can be initially configured for lower volume demands with the ability to expand if/when the tool is moved into production.

The microelectronics industry has always and will continue to move forward at a technology pace that is almost unmatched by any other industry, as demonstrated by Moore’s Law. Tomorrow’s products, whether personal, industrial, or military must get smaller, faster, more energy efficient and/or provide more capabilities, while being less expensive to manufacture. The technology for these innovations may come from individuals, universities, government/industry funded research and development labs, or commercial R&D departments. Despite the source, they all need process equipment that offers leading edge process capabilities, usually with a reduced capacity demand, footprint and capital cost.

GAMA Batch Immersion System

The GAMA Series automated wet station is a flexible, modular system suitable for a wide variety of cleaning, etching and stripping applications for bare & reclaimed silicon wafers, IC devices, MEMS and photomasks.

V3 Compact Batch Immersion System

V3 Compact Batch Immersion System offering either dry-to-dry or dry-to-wet processing with low exhaust requirements, few facility connections and easy maintenance access, while maintaining as much as a 20 percent footprint reduction over comparable tool sets. The V3 robot is designed to accommodate 150 mm or 200 mm wafers in standard cassettes for IC devices; alternate cassettes allow other materials to be processed using the standard robot arm. Suitable for R&D labs and applications.