Bcube WSC series

Bcube WSC series

System Overview

The Bcube series of wet cleaning and etching equipment provides excellent process results for manufacturing MEMS, LEDs, and power semiconductors. Applicable processes include pre-cleaning, PR strip, RCA clean, pre-epi clean de-glue cleaning, pre- / post- diffusion cleaning, and various etching process steps.

Systems are available for a variety of substrate materials including Si, SiC, Germanium, Aluminum oxide and III-IV compound semiconductors.

Production Advantages
  • Automated and manual wet station models available
  • Processes substrates of various materials and sizes
  • Integrates advanced drying technologies such as Marangoni, IPA and spin dryers
  • Flexible process recipes
  • Automatic management of job history and data logs
  • Automatic scheduling of cleaning processes with multi-tasking for enhanced throughput
  • Advanced ultrasonic and megasonic modules for optimized cleaning
  • Flexible chemical delivery
  • Pre-cleaning
  • PR strip
  • RCA clean
  • Pre-epi clean
  • De-glue cleaning
  • Pre- / Post- diffusion cleaning
  • Various etching process steps