Allentown, PA.  May 20, 2021–Akrion Technologies received orders for multiple wet stations from a large-scale power integrated circuit (IC) chip manufacturer located in China.

“We are thrilled to work with our customers and provide our modular GAMA platform for critical cleans to the emerging power IC manufacturing market,” said Dr. Ismail Kashkoush, CTO & GM New Product / New Market Development BU. “These state-of-art tools are being used for critical FEOL and BEOL surface preparation applications and yielding already higher yield than that of the Process of Record (POR). The tools incorporate the latest technological advances for drying, chemical concentration control, megasonics, exhaust control, chemicals/water consumption and many more features all intended to provide highest device yield and lowest Cost of Ownership (COO).  We’re excited that our customers recognize our breadth of knowledge and experience in the industry to accept our advanced process-proven solutions.”

The initial order consisted of seven tools with seven different configurations for silicon-based processing on eight-inch (200 mm) wafers and nine tools with nine different configurations for silicon carbide-based (SiC) processing on six-inch (150 mm) wafers.  Subsequently, a repeat order was placed for two additional 200 mm tools.  The tools are designed to perform the following customer-required processes:  pre-thermal cleaning, photoresist stripping, nitride etch, post metal etch cleaning, and wafer reclaim.

During 2020 all 18 GAMA tools were shipped, installed, and qualified and are now running in full production.  And there’s more good news—an order for six more GAMA tools for silicon processing of 8” wafers was recently placed for delivery in late 2021.

About Akrion Technologies Inc.

Located in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Akrion Technologies is a leading supplier of advanced surface preparation systems and processes used in the manufacture of microelectronic substrates and devices.  Since its inception, the company has offered wet cleaning/etching benches used in numerous steps during semiconductor manufacturing to remove particle contamination from the surface of the silicon wafers on such products as prime/reclaim wafers, MEMS, flat panel displays, logic devices, analog devices, photovoltaic/solar cells, and memory.

Akrion Technologies is now able to offer a more extensive portfolio of process solutions to microelectronic device manufacturers to include PVD, CVD, PECVD, plasma etching, annealing/oxidation/diffusion furnaces along with off-line failure analysis etching and tube/boat/parts cleaning.