CVD for R&D

R&D organizations that process silicon or sapphire substrates often times have a need for flexible process solutions for the high-speed deposition of uniform SiO2 (silicon dioxide), SiNx (silicon nitride) and SiOxNx (silicon oxynitride) films. Akrion Technologies’ EPEE 550 PECVD (plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition) product offers R&D users a compact PECVD tool that can accommodate a wide variety of substrate sizes with an affordable batch tool.

The microelectronics industry has always and will continue to move forward at a technology pace that is almost unmatched by any other industry, as demonstrated by Moore’s Law. Tomorrow’s products, be they personal, industrial, or military need to get smaller, faster, more energy efficient and/or provide more capabilities, while being less expensive to manufacture. The technology for these innovations may come from individuals, universities, government/industry funded research and development labs, or commercial R&D departments. Despite the source, they all need process equipment that offers them leading edge process capabilities, usually with a reduced capacity demand, footprint and capital cost.


EPEE 550 PECVD is used in the manufacturing of LED chips and composite substrates. It is widely used in the deposition of SiO and SiNx dielectric films for LED blue-green and red-yellow devices and the high-speed deposition of SiO thick films on patterned sapphire substrates (PSS). In addition, the EPEE 550 PECVD tool supports high uniformity and low stress SiNx thin film deposition which can be applied to the development and mass production of third-generation semiconductor power devices.