FLOURIS 201 Anneal & Oxidation Vertical Furnace

 FLOURIS 201 Vertical Furnace

FLOURIS 201 Vertical Furnace

System Overview
The FLOURIS 201 vertical anneal/oxidation furnace provides medium and high temperature annealing or oxidation of 200 mm silicon wafers for advanced IC devices. Based upon NAURA’s popular 300 mm THEORIS 302, the FLOURIS 201 provides 200 mm fabs with the same reliability and process control in the growth of silicon dioxide films for buffer dielectric, sacrificial oxide, and gate oxide layers in front-end of line processing.

Substrate Size:
Technology Markets:

200 mm
Analog IC, Digital IC, Power IC, MEMS

  • Dry oxygen oxidation
  • Wet oxygen oxidation
  • DCE oxidation
  • Silicon oxynitride oxidation
  • Annealing
Production Advantages
  • High-precision temperature field control technology
  • Excellent process homogeneity
  • Up to 1200°C high-temp oxide process
  • Excellent micro-environment low oxygen control technology
  • Excellent film uniformity control technology
  • Advanced particle control technology
  • High production capacity (125 Wafer/Batch product capacity)
  • Supports the overhead crane (OHT) automation system