Furnaces for MEMS Technology

Akrion Technologies’ vertical furnace line, FLOURIS, provides oxidation and annealing capabilities for 200 mm substrate sizes.  With 125 wafers per batch production capacity, the FLOURIS offers advanced process control and safety features to meet today’s challenging requirements all supported on a modern, sustainable platform.

Micro Electromechanical Systems (MEMS) are micro sensors or actuators that enable digital and analog microelectronics to interface with the outside world in a wide variety of applications. The most prevalent applications include smart devices, display technologies, gaming systems, fitness wearables, medical and scientific instruments, accelerometers for automobile airbags, tire sensor pressures and ink jet print heads.

FLOURIS 201 Anneal/Oxidation Vertical Furnace

 FLOURIS 201 Vertical Furnace

FLOURIS 201 Vertical Furnace

The FLOURIS 201 vertical anneal/oxidation furnace provides medium and high temperature annealing or oxidation of 200 mm silicon wafers for advanced IC devices.  Based upon Naura’s popular 300 mm THEORIS 302, the FLOURIS 201 provides 200 mm fabs with the same reliability and process control in the growth of silicon dioxide films for buffer dielectric, sacrificial oxide, and gate oxide layers in front-end of line processing.