System Overview
GSE C200 is an ICP general etcher for silicon and III-V materials, designed with ultra-high density plasma sources for higher etch rates.

In addition, the GSE C200 can delayer a wide variety of layers on substrates / chips up to 8” diameter to conduct a thorough failure analysis on low yield wafers and devices.

 GSE C200 Plasma Etch System

GSE C200 Plasma Etch System

Substrate Size:

Applications compounds:
Technology Markets:

50 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
Down to wafer pieces for failure analysis
Si, Dielectric, Polymer, III-V, and more
Power IC, LED, Failure Analysis, and R&D

  • Passivation etch
  • Poly etch
  • Nitride etch
  • Power GaN devices
  • GaAs VCSEL device mesa etching
  • GaAs HBT/pHEMT mesa and back hole etching
  • InP grating and waveguide etching
  • Failure analysis
Production Advantages
  • Process module design optimizes plasma uniformity
  • Process chamber design improves maintainability
  • Customizable high-precision bias RF—precisely control DC Bias to achieve low-speed, low-damage etching of GaN and other materials
  • Lower electrode heating: 20o ~ 180oC, to meet III-V etching requirements
  • Automatic matching radio frequency system to achieve fast, effective and accurate matching to ensure process repeatability