Allentown, PA. February 27, 2019 – The United States patent office recently granted two new patents to Akrion Technologies Inc. The new patents expand the company’s extensive intellectual property protections.

A method for correlating conductivity and pH measurements for potassium hydroxide (KOH) texturing solutions and additives is described in United States patent number 10,170,350.

At the core of this patent is an algorithm that extends the capabilities of KOH baths used for producing textured silicon wafers. The closed-loop conductivity and pH measurement combined with chemical injection technology ensures consistent process results with minimum use of chemistry and thus an improved cost of ownership. This texturization is an important step in the manufacture of solar cells. Texturing the silicon wafer enhances the cells ability to absorb more light energy. The more energy absorbed the more efficient the cell becomes.

United States patent number 10,181,405 describes a new method for selective under-etching of porous silicon. This technology is used for etching the sacrificial porous silicon layer of a compound wafer used in the production of solar cells. This technique under-cuts the porous silicon layer to release the silicon-based device layer used for manufacturing solar cells.

This method reduces the high manufacturing costs associated with making mono-crystalline solar cells. Mono-crystalline cells have been proven to increase power efficiency when compared to typical cells manufactured from multi-crystalline silicon.

“The scientists and engineers at Akrion Technologies are focused on developing techniques that improve process performance and reduce costs for manufacturers of semiconductor and related equipment. The company’s wealth of experienced technologists is dedicated to continuously improve Akrion Technologies’ knowledge and capabilities.” said Ismail Kashkoush, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer.

The new patents are the latest in Akrion Technologies’ long list of intellectual property, which includes:.

• Integration of robotics and wet processing; • Ozonated sulfuric acid process; • ICE-1™ chemical concentration control; • D103™ ozonated-water cleaning method; • Batch-immersion and single wafer megasonics • In situ processing; • Pressurized mist system and many others

About Akrion Technologies Inc

Akrion Technologies is a leading supplier of advanced surface preparation systems and processes used in the manufacture of solar, semiconductor and related devices. The custom solutions we develop are used in numerous steps during the manufacturing process to remove contaminants from the surface of the silicon wafers on such products as MEMS, flat panel displays, logic devices, analog devices, photovoltaic/solar cells, Flash memory and DRAM.