Plasma Etch Equipment for LED Technology

Akrion Technologies’ complete product line of plasma etch process equipment for LED technology provides users with the ability to quickly and uniformly etch a wide variety of films to include silicon, dielectrics, metals, metal oxides, polymers, III-V & glass. Etch rates, selectivity and substrate temperature are optimized with the selection of the appropriate plasma source, reactant gases, switching speeds, temperatures control, and end point detection. Platforms are expandable from one to three process chambers to match the users capacity requirements.

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source that emits light when current flows through it. From the first low-intensity infrared LEDs used in remote control circuits, LEDs can now emit a wide variety of light colors with extreme efficiency and lifespans, serving a multitude of applications to include architectural/industrial/residential lighting, automotive head/tail lights, traffic signals, mobile/tablet/computer/TV displays, horticultural lamps and medical devices. The emerging mini/micro LED technology will serve as the cornerstone of next-generation display technology for products such as mobile phones, wearable watches, virtual/augmented reality, micro-projectors and ultrahigh-definition TVs.

ELEDE® 380E & 380F ICP Etch System

ELEDE 380E & 380F are ICP etchers with high throughput and excellent performance for the production of patterned sapphire substrates (PSS) and nanopatterned sapphire substrates (NPSS) in III-V LED processing.

ELEDE® 380G Series Plasma Etcher

ELEDE® 380G+/G380A/G380C/G380CR Plasma Etcher Series are cost-effective plasma etch tools used for a variety of etching applications in LED production including mini/micro, blue-green, and red-yellow LED applications.

GDE C200 Plasma Etch System

GDE C200 is an ICP etch system for dielectric etch and compound semiconductors, designed with ultra-high density plasma sources for higher etch rates. Configuration options include: single, dual or triple process modules.

GSE C200 Plasma Etcher

GSE C200 is an ICP general etcher for silicon and III-V materials, designed with ultra-high density plasma sources for higher etch rates.