Plasma Etch for Power IC Technology

Akrion Technologies’ complete product line of plasma etch process tools for Power IC technology, provides users with the ability to quickly and uniformly etch a wide variety of films to include silicon, dielectrics, metals, metal oxides, polymers, III-V & glass. Etch rates, selectivity and substrate temperature are optimized with the selection of the appropriate plasma source, reactant gases, switching speeds, temperatures control, and end point detection. Platforms are expandable from one to three process chambers to match your capacity requirements.

Power ICs control the conversion of electric power from one form to another. They are the intermediary between a Source (generates power) and a Load (consumes power). Power ICs serve as either a switch (MOSFET, IGBT & BJT) or a rectifier (diodes & thyristors) and can be manufactured from a variety of materials to include silicon, silicon carbide or gallium nitride with several promising compound semiconductor materials in the wings. Today, we all rely on Power ICs for everyday life essentials such as cellphone, tablet and laptop chargers to portable battery packs to hybrid vehicles. Applications are rapidly expanding in the energy (Photovoltaic, Grid, Wind), transportation (Rail, Automotive, Ships), consumer markets. The increasing capabilities of Power ICs to handle higher voltages, currents and frequencies with reduced power loss is rapidly expanding adoption in multiple new fields.

GDE C200 Plasma Etch System

GDE C200 is an ICP etch system for dielectric etch and compound semiconductors, designed with ultra-high density plasma sources for higher etch rates. Configuration options include: single, dual or triple process modules.

NMC508C Silicon Etch System

The NMC508C is an ICP high-density plasma dry etching tool used for silicon etching of 200 mm wafers predominantly in Power and Logic ICs. It is a fully automated multi-chamber cluster tool capable of serial or parallel processing.

NMC508DTE Deep Silicon Trench Etch System

The NMC508DTE is a specialty etching system developed for silicon power devices which is predominantly used for deep trench etching of IGBT devices, MOSFET devices, and Super Junctions. NMC508DTE equipment is aimed at a single-step smooth etching process to ensure the voltage performance of power devices.