Plasma Etch for R&D

Akrion Technologies’ complete product line of plasma etch process tools for R&D applications provides users with the ability to quickly and uniformly etch a wide variety of films to include silicon, dielectrics, metals, metal oxides, polymers, III-V & glass. Etch rates, selectivity and substrate temperature are optimized with the selection of the appropriate plasma source, reactant gases, switching speeds, temperatures control, and end point detection. Platforms are expandable from one to three process chambers to match your capacity requirements.

The microelectronics industry has always and will continue to move forward at a technology pace that is almost unmatched by any other industry, as demonstrated by Moore’s Law. Tomorrow’s products, be they personal, industrial, or military need to get smaller, faster, more energy efficient and/or provide more capabilities, while being less expensive to manufacture. The technology for these innovations may come from individuals, universities, government/industry funded research and development labs, or commercial R&D departments. Despite the source, they all need process equipment that offers them leading edge process capabilities, usually with a reduced capacity demand, footprint and capital cost.

GDE C200 Plasma Etch System

GDE C200 is an ICP etch system for dielectric etch and compound semiconductors, designed with ultra-high density plasma sources for higher etch rates. Configuration options include: single, dual or triple process modules.

GSE C200 Plasma Etcher

GSE C200 is an ICP general etcher for silicon and III-V materials, designed with ultra-high density plasma sources for higher etch rates.

HSE M200 Plasma Etch System

HSE M200 Plasma Etch System is designed specifically for deep silicon etching of MEMS and TSV applications. The dual zone RF source creates higher plasma density for higher etch rates. The platform can be configured with up to three process modules for R&D, pilot line, or mass production.