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BCUBE Series


System Overview
The Bcube series of wet cleaning and etching equipment provides excellent process results for manufacturing MEMS, LEDs, and power semiconductors. Systems are available for a variety of substrate materials including Si, SiC, Germanium, Aluminum oxide and III-IV compound semiconductors.

Bcube WSC series

Production Advantages
  • Automated and manual wet station models are available

  • Processes substrates of various materials and sizes

  • Integrates advanced drying technologies such as Marangoni, IPA, and spin dryers

  • Flexible process recipes

  • Automatic management of job history and data logs

  • Automatic scheduling of cleaning processes with multi-tasking for enhanced throughput

  • Advanced ultrasonic and megasonic modules for optimized cleaning

  • Flexible chemical delivery

  • Pre-cleaning

  • PR strip

  • RCA clean

  • Pre-epi clean

  • De-glue cleaning

  • Pre- / Post- diffusion cleaning

  • Various etching process steps

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