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Bpure Series Tube & Boat Cleaning Tool


System Overview
The Bpure series of quartz tube & boat cleaning tools provides customized cleaning (immersion or spray) of critical diffusion furnace components.

Bpure TC2000A

Applicable Parts:

Application Material:

Technology Markets:

Bpure TC3000A

200 mm and 300 mm Tubes and Boats

Quartz, SiC

Analog IC, Digital IC, Power IC, MEMS, Advanced Packaging

Production Advantages
  • Fully-automated process control

  • Enclosed design to improve working environment and guarantee operators’ safety

  • High stability, uptime ≥99%, lower maintenance costs

  • Recipe editor is flexible and convenient, support parallel jobs

  • Suitable for a variety of sizes of parts cleaning

  • Cleaning of quartz tubes, quartz/SiC boats

  • Can also be used to clean other quartz materials, such as pedestals, caps, torches, quartz plates, ignition guns, heat preservation barrels, etc.

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