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V3 Compact Batch Immersion System


System Overview
The V3 Compact Batch Immersion System offers either dry-to-dry or dry-to-wet processing with low exhaust requirements, few facility connections, and easy maintenance access while maintaining as much as a 20 percent footprint reduction over comparable toolsets. The V3 robot is designed to accommodate 150 mm or 200 mm wafers in standard cassettes for IC devices; alternate cassettes allow other materials to be processed using the standard robot arm. Suitable for R&D labs and applications.

V3 Compact Batch Immersion System

Substrate Size:

Application Material:

Technology Markets:

150 mm, 200 mm

Silicon, SiC, Glass, Sapphire (LED)

Analog IC, Power IC, MEMS, R&D

Production Advantages
  • V3 uses the same subsystems as our highly reliable GAMA Series product line

  • Easy access serviceability

  • Upgradeable and reconfigurable as your needs change

  • Multiple chemistry support, processes/recipes and flexible configurations

  • RCA Clean

  • Oxide Etch

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