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SAQUA Single Wafer System


PINNACLE® 200 Carrierless Wet Station

System Overview
Designed for the most cutting-edge devices. The fully automated Pinnacle System with its carrierless design; utilizes the most advanced wafer handling and process control subsystems to ensure the optimum process results for manufacturers of digital integrated circuits.


PINNACLE® 300 Carrierless Wet Station

Substrate Size:

Application Compounds:

Technology Markets:

Batch Size:

200 mm, 300 mm

Si and others

Digital IC & Analog IC

50 Wafers

Production Advantages
  • Superior particle and metal performance

  • Eliminates carrier-based defects—no shadowing or contact marks

  • Rack and pinion style robot with absolute motor rotation encoding for precise positioning

  • Single point facilities connection for water, nitrogen, and CDA

  • Multi-tank plenum and modular compact design

  • Real-time tracking of chemicals, water, and gases

  • Wafer Transfer System provides clean and dirty path (Pinnacle 300)

  • Photoresist strip

  • Pre-diffusion clean

  • Nitride etch

  • FEOL reclaim

  • BEOL reclaim

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