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SAQUA Single Wafer System

System Overview
The Saqua series of 300 mm single-wafer cleaning system utilizes single-wafer, precisely controlled spin-spray wet cleaning technology to remove a variety of post-metal etch particles and byproducts. The Saqua can be configured with up to eight independent process chambers designed for cleaning feature sizes as small as 14 nm.

SAQUA Single Wafer System

Substrate Size:                       300 mm

Application Compounds:     Silicon

Technology Markets:             Digital IC, Power IC, Advanced Packaging

Production Advantages
  • Multitasking parallel processing system; up to eight independently controlled process chambers

  • Advanced mega sonic cleaning technology

  • Real-time liquid chemical ratio control technology

  • Particle removal efficiency >99%

  • High chemical reclaim efficiency – >99.5%

  • Uniform Process temperature and chemical flow rate control across all process chambers.

  • Novel wafer backside protection technology

  • Independent clean/dirty robots

  • Copper Interconnect Cleaning:

    • Post etch clean on via

    • Post etch clean on trench

    • Post etch clean on liner removal

    • Post etch clean on metal hard mask

    • Post etch clean on inter metal etch

    • Backside clean

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