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A knowledgeable workforce will help you improve the performance of your equipment

Our dedicated technical service and training team including field service engineers offer training that is customized for your tool.  The courses are designed to be held at your site and include both classroom and hands-on training to maximize the efficient operation of your equipment.  The training consists of four days of instruction.  This introductory training consists of an overview and specific operations:

  • The general overview consists of the operational theory of the tool function and modular design, a discussion of the terms, nomenclature, and definitions of various components and chemicals associated with the tool, process modules, and chemistries.

  • Specific training is hands-on and includes:

    • Navigation through the software icons and screens

    • General description and operational theory of the I/O System and Signal Path, Chemical dispense vessels and tank fill sequence, ICE chemical concentration control system, phaser megasonics, and LuCID dryers.

    • General operational theory of the robotic transfer system

    • General operational theory of the heaters and heater circuits

Training Credits​​

  • Four training credits equal to four student seats are awarded for each new tool purchase

  • Credits are redeemable during the warranty period and can only be used for training on the equipment for which the credits were earned

  • Four is the optimum number of students for effective hands-on equipment training

Operator Training at Time of Installation

  • Upon completion of the tool installation, operator training is conducted by one of our field service engineers (FSE)


Other Training Options

  • Narrated operator training presentations recorded on a flash drive

  • Customer-simulated software training package specific to your software and tool configuration

  • Training that addresses your specific processes

Please get in touch with the Training Department using the form at the bottom of this page to ask about your specific training needs.

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