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SAQUA Single Wafer System


GAMA Automated Wet Station

System Overview
The GAMA Series automated wet station is a flexible, modular system suitable for various cleaning, etching, and stripping applications for bare & and reclaimed silicon wafers, silicon carbide, IC devices, MEMS and photomasks.

Substrate Size:

Application Compounds:

Technology Markets:

150 mm, 200 mm, 300 mm

Silicon, Glass

Analog IC, Power IC, MEMS, R&D

Production Advantages
  • Batch immersion process solution for all FEOL and BEOL semiconductor applications

  • Can process 200 mm and 300 mm wafers concurrently

  • Performance proven platform

  • Modular design, highly flexible, customizable to meet any process flow and throughput requirement

  • Concentration control and dilute chemistry for low cost of ownership

  • Space saving, multi-process tool configurations

  • Advanced megasonic cleaning technology

  • Multiple lot / multiple recipe processing

  • Full SECS GEM interface

  • Pre-Diffusion Clean

  • Nitride Etch

  • Photoresist Strip

  • Post Ash/Etch Clean

  • Advanced Front End of Line Clean

  • Pre-Epitaxial Clean

  • Cu Clean / Low-k

  • Cobalt Silicide Clean

  • Silicon Post Polish Clean

  • Silicon Final Clean

  • Surface/Bulk Micromachining

  • Post DRIE Clean

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